Your symptoms are trying to tell you
something about your life…  Listen and let them guide you to natural wellness!

Just beneath the surface, your body, emotions and thoughts are engaged in constant conversation, changing and affecting each other every moment.

All your life, your body has helped you navigate the emotional challenges you’ve faced. It helps you manage, defend, and adapt to “survive” and get what you need and want in life. Over time these adaptations can lead to chronic patterns of tension, restriction and imbalance that result in symptoms and even illness.

Bodymind Repatterning is a holistic center offering integrative therapy treatments individualized to address your unique health challenges.

By guiding you in a unique blend of holistic therapy treatments such as body dialogue,  movement, creative visualization, bodywork and energy healing, I can help you release these old patterns, and find your way to deeper and more lasting healing than can be achieved through medical treatments or psychotherapy alone.

Have you…

  • Struggled with persistent pain or illness that medicine hasn’t resolved?
  • Worked on your issues in therapy for years but are still stuck in old behavioral and emotional ruts?
  • Been told “It’s all in your head” or “There’s nothing wrong with you” when you know something is affecting your health?
  • Noticed a connection between your emotions and how your body feels, but don’t know what to do about it?
  • Had a feeling that there’s something “deeper” behind your health issues than circumstance but don’t know how to find the missing piece of the puzzle?

Your emotions, thoughts, and your physical body work together to make you healthy… or make you sick.

To attain lasting health, you must address the mind and body at the same time!


Bodymind Repatterning is a breakthrough holistic therapy that will:

  • Help you discover how your mind and body create chronic patterns that keep you stuck
  • Give you tools to break the cycle of pain, limitation and illness
  • Increase the effectiveness of the conventional therapies and treatments you are receiving
  • Show you how your illness can guide you to a richer, fuller life!


Do these stories sound familiar?

“I had a feeling that my cancer was like a symbol for the ways I had been stuck and unhappy for a long time…it was like a dark messenger calling me to wake up and stop living my life for everyone else but me!”

“I noticed that whenever I felt anxious, (like in any social situation!), I would hold my breath, feel a knot in my stomach, and clench the muscles of my jaw, throat and chest. Then I realized I was walking around in that posture all the time! No wonder I had an ulcer and chronic pain in my neck!”

“I was told my chronic fatigue was “all in my head”. When I discovered how I had been living my life in ways that were sapping me emotionally, I recovered my vitality on all levels”.

Your symptoms are never “only in your head.”

But they’re never only in your body either!

Bodymind Repatterning will teach how to listen deeply to your body, moods, beliefs and emotions, and to identify the connections between them. You will learn simple techniques and practices to interrupt your automatic, restrictive body-mind patterns and develop a life posture that is free, open, centered, vital and… healthy.

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