Welcome to Body Mind Repatterning

“I’ve tried everything to feel better, physically and
emotionally but I just stay stuck in illness and pain.
I can’t seem to break free.
What am I missing?”

You’re not alone. Bodymind Repatterning can help!

Conventional medicine, alternative treatments and psychotherapy may help but they can’t always resolve the deepest root of illness when used independently.


Bodymind Repatterning™ is a proven therapy that works by addressing the mind and body at the same time…


Through a truly unique blend of body-centered psychotherapy, trauma-informed therapies, mind-body healing, integrative bodywork and energy medicine, you will be able to uncover and actually release deeply held, lifelong patterns that live in your psyche, unconscious mind, body and energy field that perpetuate physical restriction, illness and pain and emotional dis-ease.

We are creating a new website and will be back online soon.  In the meantime, please connect with us on Facebook or use the Contact Form to reach out.

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