Cancer, Dignity and Wisdom


Mobilizing the Self-Healing Response through Insight, Body Awareness and Creativity

An 8-Week Program for transforming the crisis of cancer into an opportunity for deep personal learning, growth and healing.

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Course Description

“You have Cancer.”…With these words your life is changed forever.

But could this crisis become a catalyst toward the changes you long for in life?

“How can I find equanimity in the face of this threat?”

“Could this experience actually empower me to heal my life?”

“Can this crisis help me gain more peace, vitality and dignity?”

If you can imagine asking these questions, this program is for you.

The Cancer, Dignity and Wisdom program goes beyond current “mind-body” approaches to help you identify and release lifelong psychological and physical barriers to wellness.

This breakthrough program, based on the F. Holland Day Center’s Healing Retreats for Women with Cancer combines of the principles of Jungian Depth Psychology, Somatic Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy in a unique and enjoyable way that has produced powerful results for hundreds of people.

Formal, published academic research conducted over 6 years of retreats has shown significant improvements in mood, stress level, spiritual well-being and quality of life for individuals facing the challenge of cancer. We are pleased to offer these methods in an 8-week course.

In a supportive group setting, guided by experienced leaders, your journey will include:

  • Group discussion and learning
  • Reflective meditation and writing
  • Art, music, imagery and dream work
  • Body awareness, movement and expressive exercises

All designed to help you transform the crisis of cancer into an opportunity for deep personal learning, growth and return to wholeness.

Program Leaders

Matthew Budd MD is an internist, former professor at Harvard Medical School, pioneer in the field of Behavioral Medicine and author of the book “You Are What You Say”. He has a private practice in Jungian Therapy in Cambridge, MA and specializes in working with people with Cancer and other serious illness and life situations.

Alison Shaw APRN, LMT, CEH is a nurse practitioner, innovator in the field of mind-body medicine and developer of Bodymind Repatterning, a unique blend of Body-Centered Counseling, Integrative Bodywork and Energy Medicine. Over 25 years in private practice, currently in Arlington, MA, she works with people with physical, emotional and spiritual “dis-ease”.


Who is this program appropriate for?

Anyone at any stage of their journey with Cancer may participate. Whether you have just received a diagnosis, are in the middle of treatment, or have been in remission for years, this program will be valuable for you.

How is this different from cancer support groups & mind-body workshops?

This program goes beyond sharing-based support and stress management techniques and focuses on deep personal learning and transformation of your relationship with yourself, your illness and your life.

What Participants Say:

“I realized that my greatest loss was of myself.  I am starting to recover.”

“I feel somehow more in accord with myself… less debate inside of me and a clearer mind.”

“I got energy and strength from breaking through my stuck places. I feel transformed and free to live my authentic life.”

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