Listening to the wisdom of your Body-Mind Connection to help yourself heal:
A Guided Body-Dialogue CD

The Guided Body Dialogue


“When Alison guides me to ‘focus within’, talking to me in her calm, soothing voice, she leads me into visual imagery that expresses what my body and soul are feeling. Connections are made and healing occurs in a way that is more direct and much faster than the slow movement toward change that I’ve experienced in talk therapy.”   -LK

Sometimes our physical symptoms are actually expressions of imbalances on other levels of our lives. In this visualization and body awareness exercise you will be guided gently into a “conversation” with your symptoms. You’ll learn how to listen to your body’s subtle messages and gain insights into the meaning and lessons within your “dis-ease.

You may be astonished to discover that you have an inner wisdom that knows the way to health, balance and freedom.


You need only listen!

This guided exercise can be used when you have physical symptom or emotional issue that you would like to explore from a bodymind perspective. It can also be listened to as part of a daily meditation practice to foster deep relaxation and deepen your awareness of your body-mind connection over time.