Deep Tissue Myotherapy

In addition to Bodymind Repatterning™ I have another passion and specialty:
Deep Tissue Myotherapy for injuries and chronic issues of the Neck, Shoulder and Back.

Through a uniquely effective blend of Trigger Point Myotherapy, Neuromuscular therapy and Fascial release techniques I am often able to help resolve chronic issues that other therapies have not.

Areas of specialty

  • Rotator Cuff Injury
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Tension Headaches
  • Whiplash
  • Tendonitis of the Elbow or Wrist
  • Chronic tension of Neck and Shoulders
  • TMJ
  • Low Back Pain

What makes this therapy so effective?
The Trick is to work intricately with specific key “spots” within a muscle spasm that hold the dysfunctional pattern in place, and to unwind this pattern one “spot” at a time. Each “spot (also called a trigger point) needs very specific amount and angle of pressure and must be held for long enough to allow it to unwind.

It is vital to “listen” to each trigger point and fascial restriction; to follow the body’s innate ability to unwind with the right pressure and movement in a dance that takes patience and sensitivity.
It is also critical to look beyond the area of pain or injury to identify and address the complex of muscles in the surrounding areas that may be guarding or compensating for the injured area. These critical secondary areas form a greater pattern over time that must be unwound completely for the injury to heal. Sometimes pain can develop after many years because these complimentary areas have not been released along with the muscles in the direct location of the injury.


Alison is the most remarkable body worker I have ever encountered; she’s a true healer. She is able to address the short-term injuries I incur as an athlete, but more importantly, to understand and treat the deeper, long-term patterns in my body tied to fear and other emotions, and help me to unwind them. She excels at every aspect of this work, intuiting patterns, understanding anatomy, and posing questions that guide me gently toward better choices and better health. NB- Author.

I have worked with many massage therapists over the years, and Alison is heads and shoulders the best I have ever worked with and an extraordinary healer on many levels. She is a superb listener to verbal and physical signals – as such, she is an excellent diagnostician. I came to her with a painful case of tendonitis. She was able to determine the root of the pain, and worked it gently over a period of weeks, until the pain was gone. She has a way of working on muscles and tissues that involves strong manipulation, but she is always completely respectful of my comfort and works with me to help the tension let go.

Alison’s skill at navigating and addressing tight, painful muscles and trigger points is extraordinary. Her techniques have been working to unwind problems that had seemed intractable, including debilitatingly frequent headaches. As someone who had previously plateaued below where I wanted to be with purely body-based therapies as well as talk-based therapy, though, I think it’s the whole-person approach that sets this apart. For example, while the massage component of a session helps release and erode the power of ingrained tension patterns, Alison also teaches about what’s going on and provides tools to manage and engage with the world in better ways, which, in my experience, are crucial to maintaining gains and forward momentum. In addition to the immediate physical benefits of the bodywork component, my experience has been one of learning and practicing new patterns – but like anything requiring practice, it takes time and being an active participant, not just a passive recipient. Along the way, Alison has proven herself to be a compassionate, patient, trustworthy, skilled and steady guide and practitioner – and, of most practical importance, one who can get results

Alison is the “pain whisperer”. Unlike other bodyworkers, she does not announce her intentions to my body, which might trigger a protective tightening. Instead, she quietly explores the source of the pain, and when she finds a trigger point, she simply rests there, applying just the right amount of pressure, patiently waiting, the way one might calm a skittish horse. It is her patience that makes her unique. With her quiet persistence, my body seems to realize it is safe to “let go” of its tightness or spasm, which, after all, were just trying to protect me from pain. She gives the tissues permission and room to breathe. Alison was instrumental in helping me to eliminate chronic and severe neck and shoulder pain, and she has now turned her attention to relieving foot, toe, and ankle pain caused by fascial congestion

I haven’t allowed anyone do deep tissue work on my shoulders or neck since, only seeking out (and only able to tolerate) the subtlest kinds of body work. Then, while undergoing chemotherapy last year, I met Alison. At first, I only had her do energy work on me, which helped me get through cancer treatment. Over time, though, she started working on my musculoskeletal issues. With her tremendous skill, careful attention and almost comically strong thumbs I am getting relief from symptoms that have plagued me for 30 years.

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