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Webinar Training Program

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In my 30 years as an integrative nurse I’ve devoted myself to these questions:

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  • How is our physical health affected by our emotions and ways of thinking?
  • How does our body reflect what’s going on in our lives?
  • How can our body-mind relationship help us understand the origins of our illness and what we need to heal?

Through my learning and practice I’ve come to deeply appreciate that the body-mind relationship is always a component of our illness and our health. We all develop unconscious body-mind patterns throughout our lives that can create limitation, restriction and pain and contribute to breakdowns in our health. Becoming aware of this connection, gives us a critical tool for deeper, more effective and more lasting healing.

We’ve come a long way in holistic thinking and practice in nursing and medicine but I feel that there’s another step we can take. Though they are critical, we need to look beyond behavioral issues such as diet, exercise and stress management and empower our patients to become aware of how their bodies literally sculpt their emotional issues and psychological makeup in every moment and across their lifespan. By giving them tools to interrupt the unconscious body-mind patterns and habits that may be contributing to physical and emotional “dis-ease” they can actually get free to get well!

It’s been my mission to develop a grounded, comprehensive and practical model that allows us to identify the deeper mechanisms by which the body and mind interact to affect our patients’ condition and to untangle the body-mind patterns that might be interfering with their health and wellness. In developing Bodymind Repatterning I brought together theory and practice from a number of healing traditions (and my personal experience healing fully from chronic illness) into a system that can do just this; empower our patients to discover and resolve the often overlooked body-mind patterns that contribute to “dis-ease” and impede the healing process.

The promise of this program is that you will help your patients transform their relationship to themselves, their bodies and their health for the rest of their lives. I think that’s what nursing is all about!

I’m looking forward to sharing this program with you.

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What if in addition to offering holistic treatments, you could give your patients the awareness and practices to maximize the effectiveness of their care plan and increase their ability to get and stay well for the rest of their lives?

Be on the forefront of the revolution in thinking within nursing and healthcare. Learn the latest principles in body-mind healing through a new system that brings together principles of:

  • Holistic Nursing
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Stress physiology
  • Energy medicine
  • Somatic therapies
  • Imagery
  • Integrative bodywork
  • Expressive therapies
  • Mindfulness
  • Quantum theory
  • Jungian psychology

Bodymind Repatterning is a holistic approach that can be incorporated at any level of patient care. It will give you the skills to identify the underlying Bodymind Patterns contributing to your patients’ “dis-ease” and offer them powerful tools to release these patterns and enhance their healing on all levels: mind, body and soul.

testimonials2freedomThe goal of this work is to help your patients become aware of how their body, emotions and thoughts are affecting each other in ways that might generate or perpetuate symptoms and “dis-ease”. Once they are aware of these underlying Bodymind Patterns™ they can learn to reverse their effects and develop new Patterns that support openness, balance and healing. Bodymind Repatterning does not focus on fixing problems, but on listening with curiosity to symptoms to discover the healing messages within them. The result is that patients discover the deepest roots of their “dis-ease” and imbalance and follow the wisdom of their own body, mind and spirit toward healing on all levels.

Alison ShawThis Healing Inquiry™ process can be begun at the bedside in a hospital setting, applied to times of acute distress and also in primary care and private practice settings to address chronic conditions. By helping your patients see and reverse the ways their emotional state may be exacerbating their physical suffering and vice versa you will help them optimize their potential for healing. In the long term, you will empower them to transform their relationship to their health by seeing symptoms as opportunities for deep healing on all levels of their lives

In this program you will:

  • Develop a new way of seeing health and illness: Learn about The Bodymind Principle™; a comprehensive model explaining the “anatomy and physiology” of the 3 levels of body-mind connection and the role each level plays in promoting health and illness.
  • Learn effective interventions and skills to help your patients release the physical, emotional and energetic blocks to healing.
  • Become a guide for your patients to help them listen deeply to the wisdom of their body-mind connection .
  • Apply these principles to your own healing and self care; develop the ability to be grounded, open, balanced and vital.

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-wellness-image14330383This program will introduce a comprehensive model for understanding how the mind-body connection affects physical and emotional health. We will explore the three levels of mind and body interaction; the Neurochemical (an overview of neurochemical and psychoneuroimmunological principles), the Structural/Energetic (principles of bioenergetics and energy medicine), and the Symbolic (illness as metaphor and messenger). We will discuss the “anatomy and physiology” or mechanics of each level, and learn to recognize these connections in our own bodymind through experiential exercises. For each level you will learn a basic intervention you can use to help your patients (and yourself) heal the deep body-mind origins of pain and “dis-ease”.

What makes Bodymind Repatterning unique and effective is that it brings together the core elements of a number of holistic models into a practical and comprehensive approach that you can integrate into your current practice model.

The ideas in this time-tested system represent an evolution in thinking about health and illness. They will give you the distinctions and tools to move beyond a bio-mechanistic view of health and illness and learn to see your patients’ “dis-ease” as a multidimensional phenomenon and opportunity for deep healing on all levels. It is a “soup to nuts” model that provides a framework to interact with all dimensions of the human being in the quest for health.

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-images-teamwork-integration-concept-businessman-holding-colorful-puzzle-image34903714It has been developed over 30 years of Alison’s grounded experience and learning in somatic, psychological and energetic healing in clinical and private practice settings. It includes evidence-based theory and practice along with anecdotally based approaches. In addition to providing simple and effective techniques for working with scientifically proven psychophysiology, it clarifies and makes usable some of the more esoteric holistic ideas such as energy medicine and the role of the unconscious mind and soul in the health of the body.

This course teaches core concepts and beginning body-mind techniques to use with patients in any setting to:

  • manage symptoms and improve wellbeing, increase balance and ease in times of acute distress
  • give them awareness and tools to explore their condition from a body-mind perspective and discover and release underlying body-mind patterns that may be contributing to “dis-ease” on physical, psychological and spiritual levels.

Course Objectives

On completion of workshop participants should be able to:

  • Define the value of body-mind awareness in promoting optimum health.
  • Discuss the potential application of body-mind awareness in all levels of patient care.
  • Identify the role of nurses in facilitating body-mind awareness in patients.
  • Generally describe three levels of body-mind interaction and their effect on health.
  • Define Personal Stress Posture™ and list 3 elements of their own Personal Stress Posture™.
  • Recognize three postural effects of mood and emotions on the body.
  • List 5 Core Bodymind Patterns™ and their potential affect on health.
  • Integrate Healing Inquiry™ and Bodymind Dialogue™ exercises into current work with patients.
  • Assess patients’ Bodymind Patterns™ through evaluating openness of breath, areas of muscular tension and centeredness.
  • Apply The Breath-Tension-Center Technique™ to assist patients in releasing tension, increasing energy flow and body-mind balance.

What You Receive in the Bodymind Repatterning for Nurses Online Training Program


  • 4 Two-Hour Self-Study Online Training Modules
  • For download and study at your own pace. Each module includes:
            • Didactic learning
            • Experiential exercises and guided processes for your personal exploration as well as
               professional development.
            • Case studies

  • Written Transcripts of the Online Training Modules
  • Many people prefer not only to watch material, but also to have the written copy. You can download the transcripts and use them for reference and note taking.

  • 4 LIVE Weekly Webinar Conference and Q&A Calls
  • Where you can get your questions answered, engage in discussion with other participants, review your own cases and take your learning deeper. If you cannot make the live calls they will be recorded and posted for you to listen to on your own.

  • Set of 4 DVDs of Training Program Modules
  • are available for purchase for an additional fee.

Continuing Education

Application to provide 12 Nursing Contact Hours through the American Holistic Nurses Association currently pending and will be approved before the course dates are announced.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Bodymind Repatterning and the Bodymind Principle

  • Introduction/Overview
  • Importance of Self Inquiry. Using yourself as your laboratory in this learning: You can’t take others where you have not been within yourself
  • http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-woman-touching-mirror-looking-reflection-image16897448

  • Experience and learn a guided Bodymind Dialogue™ exercise for centering and bodymind awareness
  • Review of current understanding and practice of mind-body medicine and holistic philosophy in healthcare: where we are and what’s still missing. The power of listening to illness as messenger and healing inquiry vs. focus on fixing problems and illness as enemy
  • What is health? Elements of health according to the Bodymind Principle™
  • Ancient Healing Systems, origins of holistic philosophy and practice
  • Holistic Nursing Theorists’ perspectives: Newman, Neuman, Rogers and Nightingale
  • Introductory overview of 3 levels of body-mind interaction:
  •         • Neurochemical
            • Structural/Energetic
            • Symbolic

  • What does Bodymind Repatterning look like? Overview of practices/protocols
  • Module 2: The Neuro-Chemical Level of the Body-Mind Connection

  • The Stress Response: Review of physiology, impact on health.
  • diagram

  • The Relaxation Response: Review of physiology, current treatments benefits/limitations
  • What is “Stress”? Origins of internal stress triggers; the power of history and conditioning
  • The Personal Stress Posture™: definition and identification
  • Bodymind Repatterning techniques for reversing The Personal Stress Posture™:
  •         • Healing Inquiry™
            • The Breath-Tension-Center Exercise™

  • Psychoneuroimmunology: Brief overview of basic principles
  • Introduction of energetic dimension of life
  • Quantum theory: Some basic principles
  • Human Energy Field: What is it? Overview of common models including holistic nursing theories. How do we work with it?
  • Module 3: The Structural level of the Body-Mind Connection

  • Structural/Energetic level defined
  • Basic principles of Bioenergetic Analysis, Core-Energetics and Neo-Reichian Framework
  • Images-001

  • Connection between mood, posture and biology
  • The energetics of emotion: Body’s role in managing emotional energy
  • Bodymind Patterns™: Core body-mind defense structures
  • Childhood origins of Bodymind Patterns™: unconscious conditioning
  • The 5 Core Bodymind Patterns™ and their effects on health
  • 4 elements of Bodymind Pattern Release™
  • Working with the Structural/Energetic level: Bodymind Repatterning techniques
  • Returning to Authentic Posture; the goal of Bodymind Repatterning
  • Module 4: The Symbolic Level of the Body-Mind Connection

  • What is the Symbolic level?
  • Sound of Courage

  • Origins in ideas of Carl Jung, Aesclepius, Shamanism, ancient healing cultures
  • Illness as messenger, symptoms as metaphor
  • Accessing the Symbolic level: Imagery, body dialogue, dreamwork, creative expression, active imagination
  • Bodymind Repatterning techniques:
  •         • Healing Inquiry™
            • Bodymind Dialogue™
            • Creative Visualization and Creative Somatization™
            • Art, movement and writing

  • Putting it all Together: Integrating Bodymind Repatterning into your practice
  • Conclusions, Resources for further learning, professional and personal

I hope you will join me for this unique program to enrich your practice for your patients and yourself as well! Please contact me with any questions at alison@bodymindresourcing.org or call 781-646-0686

This Program is under development. The Launch date will be in early 2018.

By signing up on the email list below you’ll be the first to be notified of the launch date and receive an early bird discount of 10% off the program cost!

Please call Alison at 781-646-0686 or email me at alison@bodymindresourcing.org.

I’ll be in touch soon!

Be well,


More of what clients say about Bodymind Repatterning

The specific blend of skills used in Bodymind Repatterning is entirely unique. I’ve had so much body work in my life, and mind and soul therapies as well: none come close to matching what this work does for me. -MF
Bodymind Repatterning has helped put me in touch with the patterns I’ve been holding for a lifetime and has helped me learn that I no longer need them. After each session I move differently. I feel more connected with my body and to the greater purpose of my life. -JR
Blockages opened and energy began to move throughout my body. For the first time I feel totally present, grounded and real. -SB
Bodymind Repatterning is part of my path now and I am daily grateful. I began Bodymind Repatterning after completing my radiation and chemotherapy for brain cancer. While the effect on my body was severe, the time during the treatments was rich emotionally, as I found a path of calm strength. I feel it helped me heal faster as well. –BK
It has helped me identify and release tensions and traumas in my body – both new and old. This concept of traumas that are “kept” in the body that result from my body’s dance with cancer and treatment, and those that I have had for longer times – many since childhood has been pivotal in my recovery process. Alison’s work has helped me in my daily routines and how I can “be” in the world with my fuller, more-hued Self. -BJ
Bodymind Repatterning provides me with a map for understanding and freeing my body and emotions. -MS