Tapping the Wisdom and Power of your Body-Mind Connection

For those tired of struggling with your health? – FREE two-hour workshop 

Alison Shaw, Nurse Practitioner, Integrative Therapist and Body-Mind health expert

Upcoming Dates and Locations to be Announced

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Your Body-Mind Connection could be the missing link to emotional freedom, vibrant health and the life you long for

Have you…

  • Struggled with persistent pain or illness that medical or holistic therapies haven’t fully resolved?
  • Worked on your issues in therapy for years but are still stuck in old behavioral and emotional ruts?
  • Had a feeling that there’s something deeper than circumstance behind your health issues but don’t know how to find the missing piece of the puzzle?

In this eye-opening workshop where you will learn how your body-mind connection may affect your health in ways you haven’t imagined and what you can do to resolve these limiting patterns and get free to really heal. The workshop will include:

  • Learning about The Bodymind Principle™; how your mind and body interact to promote health and disease.
  • Guided exercises to discover the Bodymind Patterns™ that affect your physical and emotional well being.
  • Simple, practical techniques you can use right away to jump start your healing process and transform your emotional and physical wellbeing.