Body-Mind Wisdom Teleseminar


Your Symptoms are trying to tell you something!

Listen to the wisdom of your Body-Mind Connection to help yourself heal.

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Sometimes the function of illness is deeper than having something wrong and getting rid of it. To catch a glimpse of the forces of the psyche and the unconscious motivation behind the illness can be astounding.
Brugh Joy, M.D.

Many healing traditions since ancient times have viewed illness as a symbol of underlying imbalances in body, mind and soul. Join integrative Image 1nurse practitioner and body-mind expert Alison Shaw NP, LMT, CEH for an eye-opening hour where you’ll learn to “listen” your dis-ease as a messenger that can help you heal more effectively than through medical intervention or psychotherapy alone.

You will be led on a guided visualization to explore the messages that are waiting to be heard within our own bodymind, and gain tools for continuing this powerful technique on your own.

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When Alison guides me to ‘focus within’, talking to me in her calm, soothing voice, she leads me into visual imagery that expresses what my body and soul are feeling. Connections are made and healing occurs in a way that is more direct and much faster than the slow movement toward change that I’ve experienced in talk therapy.

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