Bodymind Repatterning draws from the principles of Body-Centered Counseling, Expressive Therapies, Energy Healing, and Hands-on Bodywork in an innovative combination that addresses the mind and body simultaneously—a far more effective holistic process than can be facilitated by physical or psychological interventions alone.

This interactive therapy includes a gentle blend of:

  • Body-centered Counseling:
    Dialogue, guided imagery, creative visualization and body awareness, movement and expressive exercises
  • Hands-on Bodywork:
    Gentle touch, myofascial unwinding, body dialoguing and deep tissue massage
  • Energy medicine
    Movement, breath work and subtle hands on energy balancing techniques

Together we will create a customized blend of these modalities that is right for you, and progresses at the pace you determine

Through the Bodymind Repatterning approach, I will assist you to:

  • Become aware of the relationship between your body and emotions, and how together they affect your health and experience of life.
  • Gradually release restrictive mind-body patterns so you can experience yourself, your body and your life from a more open, balanced and authentic state.
  • Discover the meaning and messages your illness may hold for your life.
  • Learn powerful tools to promote ongoing emotional and physical ease, vitality and freedom—this is the state of health!


Bodymind Repatterning will teach how to listen deeply to your body, moods, beliefs and emotions, and to identify the connections between them. You will learn simple techniques and practices to interrupt your automatic, restrictive body-mind patterns and develop a life posture that is free, open, centered, vital and… healthy.

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