Welcome to my first ever Blog entry!

As an “old dog”, the social media world is a “new trick” for me and I have much to learn! I would be grateful for your feedback and comments so I can make this a useful and worthwhile resource for you and your healing journey.

My invitation is for you to join me in an inquiry about healing; what it is and what it takes to find it.

In this Blog, in my newsletters and online posts, I’ll be posing questions that are offered to help you become aware of your own health, illness and life from a “Body-mind” perspective; to help you learn about how your body reacts to your emotions, moods and experiences throughout your day, how that affects how you feel, and your health. I’ll offer topics that may support your exploration of your own health challenges and what you need to heal. I’d like to hear your thoughts and ideas about healing. I’ll also be offering tips and techniques that you can use to free the automatic body-mind patterns that keep you from feeling open, centered, present and well.…….so stay tuned! I look forward to learning from you!

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