Spontaneous Healing

I want to recommend Dr Andrew Weil’s new book “Spontaneous Happiness”. I am listening to it on CD and find his perspective on health very enlightening and true. Today’s track was about the challenges our minds, bodies and emotions face by living on our modern culture. Our whole organism, including our psyche, was “built” for constant activity and community. He highlights the compounding stress on ……our health and mood that comes from sitting all day at desk jobs, from the electronic over-stimulation of staring at screens, and the isolation that comes from our digital preoccupations that keep us from engaging with one another. It’s really hard to do, I know because I struggle with it too; but the simple truth is: you will feel better physically, be happier and more healthy if you make sure to close the laptop, turn off the TV, shut down the smart phone and take a moment to be quiet, to move, even if it’s just for a short walk, and connect with people (real ones that is, not through a screen), every day. You don’t have to commit to an intense, time consuming practice like Yoga, meditation, or working out for an hour a day, to make a difference in how you feel. It’s these simple day to day practices that can change your life, and health for the better.

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