The Bodymind Principle™

The Bodymind Principle™: Understanding how the body-mind connection really works so you can use it to break through stubborn health and emotional challenges, and enhance your ability to heal your life.  A series of articles over the next 6 months.

The notion that you can enhance your physical health and healing by addressing your mental and emotional wellbeing is pretty well accepted (or at least tolerated!) by our western medical model at this point. Many health centers offer some integrative or complimentary therapies like meditation, reiki, massage, acupuncture and yoga. Even some of the most prestigious medical institutions likeMassGeneralHospitalinBostonhave integrative medicine programs. Conventional practitioners have great options like those I just mentioned, to offer their patients as adjuncts to their medical care.

But I think something is still missing!

I think we lack a comprehensive model for understanding all the ways that the body and mind interact with each other. Without that model, we can’t address the causes of dis-ease from a body mind perspective. We can treat our symptoms with more holistic therapies, but if we don’t understand what is causing a symptom or illness, then even a holistic treatment is still just treating symptoms!

Over my 30 years in practice and having trained in a number of conventional, energetic, body-centered counseling and bodywork modalities I have developed a way of understanding the body-mind connection; a model for practitioners and clients alike, to use as a guide to assessing, and healing both physical and emotional health challenges from a body-mind perspective. Over the next 5-6 months I’ll present a piece of The Bodymind Principle™ in these newsletters and my blog. My hope is that you will find these ideas and tools enlightening and empowering for yourself and those you work with. I also welcome your ideas, thoughts and questions as I continue to formulate this work in progress! Here’s the sequence of articles to come…

Month 1:  Are we in a “new” age of healthcare or back where we started? The Holistic perspective on Health: Revolutionary idea or ancient philosophy?

Month 2:  The Neurochemical level of the Body Mind Connection: The Stress and Relaxation Responses and beyond!!  Or… “Stress does not exist”

Month 3:  The Structural / Postural level of the Body Mind Connection: How your Body Postures the Stories of your life.

Month 4:  The Symbolic Level of the Body mind Connection: Your illness as the messenger of your soul.

Month 5:  The Energetic level of the Body-Mind Connection: Your Energy field as a hidden blueprint for your mind and body.

Month 6: Stay tuned!

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