DIY Healing Tips

Angry Man

OK it’s been 3 weeks or so now…you’re home, maybe with others, trying to deal with all sorts of challenges on a bunch of, physical, emotional, even spiritual…Here’s the first of many: 

DIY HEALING TIPS FROM BODYMIND REPATTERNING or…How to help yourself Heal through challenging times. 
Lots of posts are talking about how to stay calm and peaceful. Let’s talk about the unpleasant but inevitable feelings of frustration and anger 

Tip: Keep it Moving! All of it! your body AND your emotions! (even dreaded anger and frustration) 

Life and health depend on keeping all of us moving and flowing. Our body needs to move to keep from stagnating and contracting. Our breathe, blood, chi, all the fluids can’t stop moving or we breakdown. Our emotions need to be felt and expressed so they can release and keep our mood and bodies free and balanced. 

You all know about moving your bodies, but how do you respond to your difficult emotions? Do you hold them in? Do you disconnect from them altogether? Do you spew them out in ways that create distress for others? 

Emotional energy is like water, if it’s not dammed it will flow in waves; rise, crest and recede, move to stillness and calm. This applies to all emotions and I’ll address them in future tips but today we focus on two of the tough ones; anger and frustration.. If we dam a river, pressure builds up. If we blow the dam it can be too much. 

So here’s a simple rule…whatever you’re feeling…LET IT MOVE through physical and vocal expression. If your angry/frustrated, Go somewhere private and shake your fists, growl, curse, HAVE A TANTRUM! (in a safe and conscious way) Let your body come into the physical posture that represents the may want to clench your fists, punch the air, throw a pillow against the wall in a safe way. Pound it out through your feet as you walk or run or bike. Breathe! Let your body have it and keep it moving! Giving the energy of anger some way of moving through your body is far more gratifying than actually acting it out on anyone else (including yourself)! 

It can be counter intuitive to let it move but you’ll be surprised at what letting it move can help you come back to stillness. Anger is a natural and even positive emotion that arises deep from within our primal, animal nervous system. It’s job is ultimately to help you. Its important to “transcend” or rise above primal anger, as the Buddhists say, but we ALSO need to expel the physical energy of it in safe and conscious ways to be truly free from its burn.

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