Our Bodies Sculpt the Stories of Our Lives

We are not machines with separate parts. Our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits exist in a unified field of energy and chemistry, each dimension flowing and changing in response to the others in a dynamic whole. When this natural flow is allowed and unblocked, we are fully alive and balanced, experiencing life in an authentic and present way. This, I believe, is “Health.” 

When we stop this natural flow on any dimension we lose our aliveness. When we stop an emotion, consciously or unconsciously, from awareness or expression, we impede the functioning of our cells and systems. Our muscles and connective tissues tense, the blood vessels and vital organs constrict, the breath diminishes; all to help stem the flow of our authentic experience. This also happens in response to conscious and unconscious negative thoughts, perceptions and decisions about our selves and life that we acquire from childhood on. The automatic, unconscious ways we respond to “survive” the challenges of our early lives literally sculpt our bodies into postures that then perpetuate our pain and limitation and determines our experiences of the present and future.  

In my private practice and I the courses I lead, my intention (and my joy) is to assist people in becoming aware of and releasing this posture. With the use of breath, visualization, body dialoguing, expressive movement, voice and touch, we explore where holding and depletion exist in the body. We find though metaphor and direct experience, how the body is expressing our emotional and psychological states and our conditioned tendencies. Then through compassionate allowing, we invite the body-mind-spirit to unwind. 

With the courage to feel, express and literally stand in our truth, our whole being emerges by it’s own wisdom into it’s natural posture of freedom, balance, and empowerment.  

I invite you take moments during your day to pause and check in with your body’s posture. Notice how you are breathing. Where is your body tight, constricted and where is it open, where do you feel energy moving and where is there no movement? Can you feel your legs/your connection to the ground? How does this body reflect your mood, thoughts and emotional experience?  

Ask these questions without judging yourself. Developing a compassionate witness for what is true in your body and experience in every moment is the most powerful tool toward healing. Often just bringing awareness to our holding, becoming present with ourselves on all dimensions, allows the flow of energy to open, and shift to happen. Once you have felt how your body has been restricted, ask where you can expand. Bring breath into the places of holding and allow them to begin to move. Perhaps your chest can lift and open, your breath deepen, your jaw soften. Allow your body to open into a posture of willingness, strength, possibility. We all know what that looks like.  

And finally, notice (again without judgment) whether this feels comfortable or uncomfortable. Just notice. The more we are aware of the structure we live in, the more we can make choices and learn to live in who we really are.  

I would love for you to share your experience! 

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