About Alison

As much as the models and techniques I’ve studied, my own healing process has given me deep insight into what it means to struggle with childhood trauma, emotional challenges and physical illness, (Its very common for these three things to go together; a trifecta of “dis-ease” as it were) and what it takes to heal on all levels of being. I tried conventional treatments of all kinds some of which helped, but none of which resolved my confusing and persistent challenges.

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It wasn’t until I pursued body centered therapy that I made the connection between my emotional and physical challenges. I began to appreciate the idea that my body was somehow reflecting imbalances deeper in my emotional body and psyche. Then when I attended the Barbara Brennan school of healing and learned about the human energy field, It became clear that the physical challenges my body was experiencing were an expression on the physical level of imbalances and traumas that began very early in my life on emotional levels and that lived also within my energy field.

It was by discovering this connection between my emotional issues, early unconscious patterns of belief and behavior and my physical body, that gave me traction on my healing and allowed me to break free and find safety, aliveness and freedom in my body in the present.

Along the way I learned how to uncover these connections in others. I learned and innovated techniques that help hundreds of clients uncover the multidimensional mystery behind their dis-ease. My mission and joy is to help people gain freedom and live in their authentic selves, knowing that they are safe in the present, just as they are, with a biology that reflects this balance, peace and aliveness.

Trainings and Certifications

  • Masters Degree in Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner - Pace University
  • Certification in Brennan Healing Science - Barbara Brennan School of Healing
  • Certification in Kripalu Bodywork – Kripalu Center
  • HNB-BC Certification as a Holistic Nurse- American Holistic Nurse Credentialing Corporation

Extensive Studies in:

  • Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger point myotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy
  • Bioenergetics, Core Energetics
  • Somatic therapies, Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems Therapy
  • Yoga, Aikido, QiGong
  • Shiatsu, Refexology, Polarity Therapy

My Experience

  • Family Nurse Practitioner in conventional and complimentary primary care settings
  • Private practice in Integrative Bodywork, 30+ years
  • Director of the Center for Body-Oriented Therapies
  • Faculty member -The Birchtree Center for Healthcare Transformation
  • Frequent presenter at The American Holistic Nurses Association conferences and educational programs
  • Director of the Boston Chapter of the American Holistic Nurses Association
  • Co-developed and co-directed “The F. Holland Day Foundation’s Healing Retreats for Women with Cancer”,
  • Co-developed and co-directed “Cancer, Dignity and Wisdom”
  • Developed and directed Programs in Bodymind Repatterning™:
    • Your Symptoms Are Trying to Tell you Something
    • What are you tired of? -Healing from Chronic Fatigue Disorders
    • Embodied Nursing- How to find your ground, move from center and embody healing presence
    • The Anatomy and Physiology of the Body-Mind Connection
    • Deepening our understanding of the Body-Mind connection
    • Living from the Inside Out
    • The Human Energy Field- An owners guide
  • Blog and Article author