The Vagus Nerve and its power in healing anxiety and trauma

Have you heard of the Vagus Nerve and its power in healing anxiety and trauma? Polyvagal theory is relatively new and identifies a specific network of nerves within our central nervous systems that are responsible for helping our body and mind release the fight or flight mechanism and return to a state of calm and…

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Our Bodies Sculpt the Stories of Our Lives

We are not machines with separate parts. Our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits exist in a unified field of energy and chemistry, each dimension flowing and changing in response to the others in a dynamic whole. When this natural flow is allowed and unblocked, we are fully alive and balanced, experiencing life in an authentic…

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Your symptoms are trying to tell you something 

Dialogue with your body to discover the messages within your illness. The next time you experience a physical symptom, whether it is a headache or an illness you have been struggling with for a long time, stop your automatic response to fight it. Do not stop yourself from seeking medical care if it is warranted,…

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What is Stress Anyway?

What is stress anyway

How to go beyond managing it and actually get free from it’s grip. Stress, Stress, Stress! If you’re like me you’ve heard about how bad “stress” is for your health over and over again. It is a well proven medical fact that stress has negative affects on the heart, immune system, digestive system and many…

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DIY Healing Tips

Angry Man

OK it’s been 3 weeks or so now…you’re home, maybe with others, trying to deal with all sorts of challenges on a bunch of, physical, emotional, even spiritual…Here’s the first of many:  DIY HEALING TIPS FROM BODYMIND REPATTERNING or…How to help yourself Heal through challenging times. Lots of posts are talking about how to stay…

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