Take the work deeper...

Learning a new model through a training program is powerful but to really “get” the full benefit that the transformative process of Bodymind Repatterning™ has to offer, consider one-on-one coaching sessions with Alison.

For your Self

Individual work is invaluable for clearly identifying the unique patterns that may be keeping you from experiencing freedom, aliveness, joy, purpose, balance and resilience in your life and work. You’ll receive customized facilitation and learning through personal attention in a safe and nurturing therapeutic relationship with Alison.


For Your Nursing Practice

We can’t take people where we haven’t gone ourselves. A foundational concept in Holistic Nursing is that as Nurses, we not only “Do” things to offer healing to our patients, we “Are” the healing environment itself. So how we be in our bodies, our energy and our level of centeredness, openness, groundedness and balance is just as important as what we do for our patients. It also affects our colleagues and the functioning of our teams. The deeper reflection of individual work can help you Embody the principles of Bodymind Repatterning™ and help you transform not only your patients’ health, but your experience of your daily work and relationships.


Come home to yourself personally and professionally.

Here's What People are Saying about Bodymind Repatterning for Nurses™

"Let Alison be your guide to healthy body mind connections.

Alison invites nurses to release the old way of caring for everyone else first and replace it with compassion for themselves, with her unique blend of integrative health modalities and counselling. She is well-versed in how to access the various connections between mind and body to facilitate healing on all levels. With a compassionate yet direct style of teaching, much wisdom, she has been a huge help in my own healing journey."

-Gale Lyman, RN, BSN, HNB-BC

"Alison Shaw is the most phenomenal therapist/healer, utilizing her extensive training in both mainstream and alternative therapies to assist the individual in creating a happier, more balanced, life.

Her multifaceted approach has been both illuminating and extraordinarily supportive. It can be easy to just talk without really changing our own realities, yet when you work with someone who is very committed to your growth, each session becomes transformative.

- BB.

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