“I’ve tried everything to feel better, physically and emotionally but I just stay stuck in illness and pain.

I can’t seem to break free.  What am I missing?”

You’re not alone. Bodymind Repatterning™ can help.

Conventional medicine, alternative treatments, and psychotherapy may help but they can't always resolve the deepest root of illness when used independently.

The Missing Piece

is the relationship between your body and your emotions (mind). They are constantly working together to create “dis-ease” or health and can keep each other stuck in old patterns of restriction and imbalance. You must work with both at the same time to get free once and for all from illness and pain.

My name is Alison Shaw RNP, HNB-BC, LMT, CBHS. I’m an Integrative Mind-Body Therapist, Certified Holistic Nurse, Licensed Bodyworker and Certified Energy Practitioner. For the past 40 years I’ve been helping individuals just like you reach greater levels of freedom from physical illness and emotional pain than can be reached through medical treatments and/or psychotherapy alone.

Here's How...

Working with hundreds of individuals in private practice, conventional & integrative medical settings, I’ve developed Bodymind Repatterning™: a unique model that blends the best of body-centered psychotherapies, trauma theory, mind-body healing, psychoneuroimmunology, bodywork, mindfulness techniques and energy medicine into a truly integrative approach.

Bodymind Repatterning™ is a proven system that can help you uncover and actually release deeply held, lifelong patterns that live in your psyche, unconscious mind, body and energy field that perpetuate physical restriction, illness and pain and emotional dis-ease.

We all long to be free from the physical restrictions and emotional struggles that keep us stuck in endless cycles of illness and pain.  We want to be free to really live!

If You Are Struggling With...

Unresolved emotions
Destructive relationship patterns
Chronic Fatigue Disorders
Chronic Pain
Auto Immune Illness
Irritable Bowel/Digestive problems
Back/Neck/Shoulder/Joint Pain
Recurrent Injuries
or other dis-ease…


I can help you find freedom from pain and limitation, ease in your body and soul, aliveness and balance on all levels through a treatment plan designed for your unique needs and healing goals.

"Once deadened from the outside in, I became alive from the inside out. How do you thank someone for giving you back your life?"

- MF, Nurse

"I've had so much body-centered work in my life, and mind and soul therapies as well: none come close to matching what Alison does for me. She has been able to help me identify and release tensions and traumas in my body – both new and old.  Her perspective that traumas are “kept” in the body that result from my body's dance with cancer and treatment, and those that I have had for longer times – many since childhood – has been pivotal in my recovery process." 

- BJ- Performer, Teacher

"Alison’s multifaceted approach has been both illuminating and extraordinarily supportive. It can be easy to just talk without really changing our realities, yet when you work with Alison who is so committed to your growth, each session becomes transformative. Alison possesses a rare level of skill, integrity and compassion yet is down to earth (and funny). You could not find a more capable, kind, and qualified person to work with."   

                                                                     -BB, Writer

"When Alison guides me to ‘focus within’, talking to me in her calm, soothing voice, she leads me into visual imagery that expresses what my body and soul are feeling. Connections are made and healing occurs in a way that is more direct and much faster than the slow movement toward change that I've experienced in talk therapy.”


You Can REALLY Heal

Bodymind Repatterning™ Can Help

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