“I know (or maybe am exploring the idea) that we are integrated, whole beings and that there’s more to health and wellness than just “fixing” symptoms. But how do I incorporate transformative holistic principles & interventions into my current nursing practice…and my life?”

Welcome to Bodymind Repatterning for Nurses™

Bodymind Repatterning for Nursesoffers continuing education training programs for Nurses to help your patients heal more deeply and transform your own Bodymind health and experience of nursing.

What if in addition to offering holistic treatments, you could give your patients the awareness and practices to maximize the effectiveness of their care plan and increase their ability to get and stay well for the rest of their lives?

Bodymind Repatterning for Nursesharnesses the power of the body-mind connection for improved outcomes at all levels of patient care and transforming your self-care, resilience and experience of nursing.


Ready to change the face of nursing and healthcare?


It's Time

For nurses to take the lead in the transformation of our healthcare paradigm. My goal is to give you tools to do just that through a model you can incorporate into your current nursing practice right away.

You Get It

As a nurse you intuitively know that we are not made up of separate systems and that true health and wellness isn’t achieved by fixing these isolated “broken” parts in mind or body.

And now, finally, the fields of holistic nursing, mind-body medicine, psychoneuroimmunology, neuropsychology (to name a few) are amassing evidence of the essential role of the mind body connection for health and healing

Mind and body cannot be separated and to heal one we must address both at the same time!

No longer is the term “Psychosomatic” a dirty word…but an incredibly rich, exciting and imperative opportunity and nurses can lead this transformation in health, illness and healing.

Now Available

Individual Coaching
with Alison

For your own healing journey, to discover and release personal patterns that interfere with resilience, balance and ease in your work and life

Healing Inquiry Process™
Guided Audio Exercise

Your symptoms are trying to tell you something.  20-minute process to listen to the healing messages within your symptoms.


Explore Our Programs


Find your Ground, move from center, and embody Healing Presence. 2-hour online workshop.

Bodymind Repatterning™ Method

10-hour training in the theory and practice of Bodymind Nursing.

Bodymind Healing Retreats for Nurses

Here's What People are Saying about Bodymind Repatterning for Nurses™

We have known Alison professionally for 20+ years.  She consistently brings an authentic and innovative perspective to her work as a professional nurse healer and holistic educator.  With her extensive knowledge of integrative care and compassionate presence, we cannot think of a more experienced, caring and heart-centered healer and teacher.  If you have the opportunity to work or collaborate with Alison, take it.  She is transformational!"

Marie Shanahan MA, BSN, RN, HNB-BA, HSGAHN
President, The BirchTree Center for Healthcare Transformation
Veda Andrus EdD, MSN, RN, HNB-BC, HSGAHN
VP, Education and Program Development

"The Embodied Nursing program helped me so much in my nursing practice, with skills that I use with myself and can teach to my clients. I feel like I’m able to be so much more centered and grounded and don’t get so affected by the stress I am under constantly. This program goes way beyond the usual stress management programs and taught me how to avoid becoming stressed out in the first place! My Nursing team has loved what I have taught them of the techniques. Our whole unit is calmer and lighter!" J.K., RN

"Allison’s Workshop was fascinating. I came away with a more clear and grounded perspective on the mind-body connection and was able to start using the exercises with patients after the first session, with real results. Her ideas are Innovative and teaching style is fun and creative I wish all Healthcare Providers have this perspective about illness!” M.S., MSN, APRN

"My nurse incorporated Bodymind Repatterning in the hospital with me after my mastectomy surgery. She helped me come back into my body and feel more grounded, clear and in less pain. Learning the breath, tension, center exercise help me a great deal in the days after my surgery and beyond." N.M., Clinical Psychologist


"Alison has been an amazing resource to me both personally and professionally. Her body-mind concepts have been very effective in enhancing my well-being. She has taught me methods to allow myself to observe and identify what is going on in my body. We all have the innate ability to recognize what aspects of the body, the mind and the spirit need adjusting. She has shown me the way!"

- Catherine Calder Calisi MS, APRN-BC, GNP-BC, CHC

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